Oddo Meriten

Company Overview

Oddo Meriten Asset Management is the Oddo Group’s asset management arm. Since August 2015, it unites the activities of Oddo Meriten AM S.A. and Oddo Meriten AM GmbH. With 46 billion euros in assets under management and 276 employees following the merger, the Franco German Oddo Meriten AM is one of the leading independent investment management companies in the Euro zone.

As a specialist in the European markets, Oddo Meriten AM offers its clients a unique range of high-performance investment solutions in all main asset classes, including European equities, corporate bonds (both investment grade and high yield), convertible bonds and asset allocation solutions.

Oddo Meriten AM’s DNA is reflected in the geographical breakdown of its current clients: 55% in Germany, 37% in France and 8% on other markets.

As befits the Group’s values, Oddo Meriten Asset Management focuses on assisting its clients over the long term. The company’s size, independence and management approach allows its teams to be responsive, flexible and innovative in helping its clients master their challenges.