Why PIP Financial?

Building new relationships with investors and maintaining existing relationships are instrumental to the success of any asset manager.

Since 2006 our core business and our sole purpose has been to facilitate direct interaction and enriched dialogue between the buy and sell side entities within the asset management community.

Equally the prime objectives of any manager is to ensure that they able to provide consistent returns for their clients, with a clear and steady investment process, increased transparency in their products and solutions, with reasonable fees and a solid customer service track record.

As a business we adopt the very same principles! By determining the needs of investors and managers we set out clear objectives to create suitable events built from the ground upwards, in terms of quality, expertise, content and layout. We have a professional, cost-effective and well organised approach. Our repeat business rate is very good.

Identifying the needs of both the buy and sell sides entities is instrumental to the outcome of any events we organise. Getting the mix right is the key to success.